Repair Foundation Leaks ASAP

Repair Foundation Leaks ASAP

Schedule slab leak repair in Burleson, TX

Have you seen a sudden jump in your water bill? That could mean that you have a foundation leak. Priority Plumbing offers slab leak repair in Burleson, TX. Our team can repair anything leaking underneath the foundation of your home.

We can tunnel below your home to reroute the broken lines. If necessary, we can reach the waterlines using jackhammers. No matter the issue, count on us to fix it. Contact us at 817-688-7477 to schedule our slab leak repair services today.

Don't procrastinate repairing your slab leak

Foundation leaks need to be repaired quickly. Delaying the process can lead to severe issues. Get your foundation leak repaired because:

  • It could structurally damage your home
  • It could lead to wood rot in your framing
  • It could cause mold and bacteria to grow

Wet floors, pools of water and decreased water pressure could be indications that you have a foundation leak. If you think there's a leak in your foundation, don't hesitate to call us in Burleson, TX.