Is a Faucet Leak Driving You Crazy?

Is a Faucet Leak Driving You Crazy?

Trust a faucet repair pro in Burleson, TX

A faulty faucet may seem like a minor issue until you get an expensive water bill. If you're wasting water on a faucet that's past its prime, a plumber from Priority Plumbing can help. We offer faucet repair and replacement in Burleson, Texas. After 28 years of experience, we know how to get to the root of your faucet issues and recommend a solution.

You should never try to perform a faucet repair on your own. A plumber from our team will use the proper tools and techniques to protect your water system. We'll take necessary precautions like shutting off valves to avoid harming your water line.

Call 817-688-7477 now to get a free estimate on one of our plumbing services. Police, firefighters and military members can get 10% off of their first service.

Don't ignore a leaky or outdated faucet

There are plenty of reasons to get a faucet replacement. You might want to call a plumber when:

  • Your faucet won't stop dripping
  • Your current faucet is old and outdated
  • You want to change the look of your faucet

Meet with a faucet replacement expert from Priority Plumbing in Burleson, Texas today.